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We’ve all seen the Mac Vs PC adverts before, where Apple gently took the piss out of PC owners by talking up the benefits of owning a Mac.

Basically, the PC is shown as an old stuffy geek with no friends, while the Mac is a young, good looking, vivacious guy who everyone wants to be seen with.

Now Apple has taken it one step further and directly gone after Microsoft, and specifically the Vista operating system. This video shows the advert which appeared on a PC magazine website.

It’s brilliantly done, and can’t fail to grab your attention. Vista is a bloated system hog and to be honest deserves the ridicule and lack of enthusiasm it is receiving.

Apple may be being smug about it all but can you blame them? The sooner Microsoft get on and develop Windows 7, the better off all us PC users will be.

In the meantime, it’s open season, and we get to watch funny videos of Bill Gates and company getting verbally beaten up by their competitors.

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