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Apple recently announced it will be adding some upgrades to the Apple TV, the new device that connects your PC and iTunes music and video collection to your TV.

Basically if you use iTunes and have a big iTunes video and music collection the Apple TV can bring all of that onto your TV set via a home network.

Apple did not specify any details on the new features that would appear in the next version of the Apple TV, nor did it announce how many Apple TV units it has managed to shift during its second-quarter earnings conference call.

Apple TV 2 Wish List

When the features of the Apple TV were first announced I was not impressed and there is definitely room for improvement.

Iyaz Akhtar of The Apple Blog has come up with an Apple TV wish list, but maybe there is something on there that you’d like to see that wasn’t included.

I’ve made a list of possible features that you would like to see in the new Apple TV and you can vote for your favorite ones in the poll above.

Which Apple TV features would you want?

  • Ability to up-convert Standard Definition to HD
  • 1080p Support
  • Ability to Browse iTunes Store on the TV set
  • RSS Support for daily news
  • A Web Browser so you can surf the web on your TV (like on the PS3)
  • Bluetooth so that web browsing and navigation in iTunes could be done using bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
  • Lower the price from $300
  • Possible DVR functionality
  • Software for on-the-fly conversion of most unsupported video formats or support for more video formats
  • Access to live web streams
  • Ability to play simple flash games
  • Robot legs so it can walk around your living room

Vote Now using the vote box above!


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