Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Music Videos, News and Video On Demand by Hemlyn Ratnam on October 28, 2007

After the amazing disco dancing elevator, here we have another elevator interlude.

In this clip, we have indie rock band Arcade Fire, just before their performance for La Blogothèque and the Take-Away Show series.

You can see the band warming up for their performance at the Olympia Mall in Paris, in a cramped freight elevator. It’s music at it’s best: impromptu, in sync and real.

In all fairness, the music drowns out some of the vocals. But that’s to be expected with the acoustics of an elevator. There’s no amplification, but the song still sounds pretty darn amazing.

However, it’s the innovative percussion that is the show stealer. I heard the album version of this song, and I missed the rhythmic pounding on the elevator ceiling and pages being ripped out to the beat. Who knew that a magazine could be used as an instrument?

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