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I like sushi as much as the next man or woman. It’s too damn tasty for words. But I wouldn’t pay $736,000 for some, even if I did have that kind of money to throw around.

One man who does have that sort of cash and is willing to spend it on sushi is Kiyoshi Kimura, president of the Kiyomura Company based in Tokyo, Japan. Kiyomura is a chain of sushi restaurants.

Kimura recently spent that lavish sum of money on a bluefin tuna, the first to be auctioned off this season. Bluefin tuna is a delicacy in Japan, with single slices of the best fish selling for around $25.

However, Kimura didn’t try to get his money back by selling to customers. Instead he offered it a fraction of the price. I’m sure the publicity will pay dividends though.

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