Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Comedy TV & Video, Cooking Videos & TV, News and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on October 11, 2017

Andrew Rea is back with another episode of Binging With Babish. And in this one he makes several dishes as seen on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

For the uninitiated among you, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a cringe-inducing sitcom starring Larry David (the creator of Seinfeld), and Binging with Babish is a web series about cooking.

In this episode Rea makes the sandwiches named after Larry David and his friend Ted Danson, the infamous Cobb salad, and the oh-so-tasty Palestinian chicken.

As usual this video makes me want to try making these dishes for myself, but I don’t think I have the skills required to make them even taste edible.

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