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Awesome Flip Book Animation Vid | At The Speed Of A Bullet

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Awesome Flip Book Animation Vid | At The Speed Of A Bullet

Stop-motion animation is cool in any of its forms, and a flip book is very similar. This particular artistic scene we get to essentially ride along with a bullet and see what it sees, all slowed down for our eyes to follow.

Not only is the artistry great but the story it tells isn’t bad either; it is kind of Matrix“ey”. And to think that this is merely amateur work!

All set to good music and good sound effects, you can really appreciate this short story of moving at the speed of the bullet, well sort of. And the whole story is simply told through a series of images on a series of pages.

Kind of makes you want to go make a flip book, doesn’t it!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dee

    November 26, 2007 at 11:46 am

    While the opening sequence implies a flip book, the actual film is far from it. The good old days of drawing on the edge of the pages in your text book in school allowing to “flip” the sequence is what the opening scene is making reference to but don’t think for a minute there’s a book some where that you can “flip” through this sequence.

    In fact, many of the scenes are from live action or CGI scenes in popular films or historic documentaries (classic balloon scene). The animation cells are the product of roto-scoping, the handgun opening for example… it’s just too real looking. The real strength of the animation is in the morphing sequences in my humble opinion.

    I’ll even go further to say that this isn’t “armature” work but done by someone with formal training perhaps with the intended use as an ad. The tag line at the end of the film talking about “high speed” footage suggests the promotion of a specific service or technology.

    So there you have it, my two cents from the cheep seats. It was fun to watch never the less, thanks for sharing.

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