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Awesome New 2016 Ford GT Supercar Video


Awesome New 2016 Ford GT Supercar Video

Ford has revealed the new 2016 Ford GT at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show. It’s an absolute beast which some people are already describing as the best looking supercar ever made.

The new 2016 Ford GT is being touted at the spiritual successor to the original Ford GT. But unlike the original, this Ford GT boasts a twin-turbo, 3.5-liter V6 engine pushing out 600 horsepower.

If a car can ever be described as sexy then the 2016 Ford GT is it. This version of the classic car has undergone a major design overhaul, with a more angled, cut look than previous models.

The new Ford GT will enter production in 2016, and while the car company hasn’t yet revealed any pricing details, it’s safe to assume it’ll cost well in excess of $100,000.

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