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Why try to create a witty and inventive title for a movie when it’s far easier to create one that tells you the whole plot in just a couple of words. I wonder what Bad Teacher is about?

That’s right, folks. In case you hadn’t already worked it out, Bad Teacher is about, well, a bad teacher. Cameron Diaz plays the titular bad teacher, who has no interest in her job or in educating her pupils.

That is until a reason arrives to get interested and get results. In the shape of Justin Timberlake, bizarrely enough. Why bizarre? Because Diaz and Timberlake dated for four years before it all ended rather badly.

Timberlake is just his usual self in this comedy flick, but Diaz seems to have found her niche as an aging yet attractive goof. And she plays it very well. The trailer has me wanting to see the full film, although it could actually contain all the funniest parts.

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