If you’re a singer/songwriter trying to build a fanbase and make friends in a foreign land, it’s probably best not to swear and shout at the crowd who have paid good money to see your show. Take note, Badly Drawn Boy.

Badly Drawn Boy was playing at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, when he suddenly turned on the crowd. He told them to “Fuck off,” called them “cunts,” and generally did his best to piss off everyone who was present.

This video doesn’t actually show what happened before Badly Drawn Boy went off on one, and we can’t hear what some people are clearly saying to him or about him and his performance. So maybe he was slightly justified in his reaction. But still.

What also winds me up is the way some people start shouting stuff afterwards, in a really annoying, whiny, L.A. accent. If I’d have heard that then I would have probably done the same thing.

Still, maybe Badly Drawn Boy should change his name to Badly Behaved Boy after this.

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