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Bankrupt Britain

Part 3: Is the BBC Hiding Britain's Bankruptcy?

by Chris Tew, February 4, 2009


A growing number of economists, journalists, businessmen and
investors are warning of Britain facing an Iceland style bankruptcy.
But barely a whisper of this potential catastrophe is heard from the BBC.

This avoidance of critical economic topics is rife among major news broadcasters

Despite a growing number of economists and journalists pointing out the potential for a U.K government bankruptcy it is rarely if ever mentioned in the main British TV news broadcasts.

With a growing and real concern for the U.K government becoming bankrupt it is a moral obligation of a news network to address the issue and inform its audience. However, many U.K news organizations are failing to inform the public of either side of this argument.

Why is the topic of a U.K bankruptcy being avoided?

The BBC Avoids Topic of U.K Bankruptcy

Since BBC News is the largest broadcasting news gatherer in the world and a major U.K news source for the general public I will focus on the BBC, although other major news could be equally as guilty.

I searched the BBC website for an article which discusses the potential of U.K bankruptcy and I couldn't find anything apart from:

  • An unavoidable mention of David Cameron discussing the prospect of U.K bankruptcy. The BBC had no choice but to mention the bankruptcy since it was from a transcript of Prime Minister's question time. David Cameron's bankruptcy stance has been quoted in a small number of articles without further insight into the problem.
  • a brief mention in a single article discussing current newspaper stories. The article said:

"The Daily Mirror calls for an end to the doom-mongering.
The paper reminds its readers that Britain is not bankrupt, and it remains one of the world's biggest economies."

It seems that the BBC believes these limited quotes are the only information the British public deserve regarding a U.K government bankruptcy.

When the BBC announced the recession was official they broadcast the news report below which also did not discuss any prospect for a U.K bankruptcy nor did it touch on some of the damaging fundamentals of the U.K economy mentioned earlier in this article:

"Why is the BBC avoiding the topic of a U.K bankruptcy?"

The BBC's 'recession ruse' continues with mediocre stories such as Obama's choice of puppy getting high profile website and TV coverage while U.K bankruptcy remains an untouched taboo. Other rarely (if ever) touched subjects include:

Tell the BBC & Other News Broadcasters to Inform the Public!

Northern Rock was the first run on a British bank in 150 years, the U.K has record levels of public and private debt, banks have received extortionate bailouts while continuing to freeze credit markets, and the U.K government is facing rumors of bankruptcy.

With so many discussing the prospect of a U.K bankruptcy the British public deserves more explanation from the BBC than a single sentence, copied from another newspaper. Critical analysis of government actions along with the viewpoints of people opposing the actions of the government should rightly be heard on the BBC.

This topic deserves prime-time news coverage on BBC1 and in-depth articles on the BBC website.

If you feel that you are unhappy with the BBC's coverage (or any news broadcasters coverage) of the recession and the many points of view that are being unheard then please take just 2 minutes to let the BBC know.

  1. Click here to make a complaint to the BBC or any other news broadcaster you are unsatisfied with.
  2. If you are not in the U.K make a complaint to news broadcasters in your country. For example, if you are in the U.S complain to Fox News.
  3. Spread the word by sending this article to your friends or linking to it on your website, blog, facebook etc.

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