If you ask a subversive graffiti artist to direct your title sequence then you should expect something cutting and controversial. But I think Matt Groening may have got more than he bargained for with Banksy.

Banksy is a graffiti artist in London whose work transcends your typical vandalizing of buildings. Some of his stuff is amazing, and all of it is imaginative and clever. Which is why Banksy has crossed over to the mainstream.

He’s now so mainstream, in fact, that he was asked to direct the title sequence for The Simpsons one week. He did so, and the results are, well, frankly unbelievable.

The sequence shows how Banksy supposes The Simpsons merchandise is made – with a sweatshop where kittens are killed to stuff Bart dolls and a chained unicorn’s horn is used to pierce the holes in the middle of the DVDs.

So, not controversial at all then.

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