Barats & Bereta: Original Funny Online Shorts | Award Winning Amateur Comedy Videos

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If you haven’t checked out Barats and Berta videos then you are really missing out. Since 2006, the comedy duo have been releasing online comedy sketches.

With over 27 million views, it’s no fluke that they are one of the funniest internet phenomenons.

Barats and Bereta met each other at Washington’s Gonzaga University in 2003, where they lead a local improv comedy troupe. Within a year of posting their first viral video on YouTube in 2006, their fanbase spread like fire.


Even though they landed representation with the multi-million dollar Creative Artists Agency, multiple awards, and a development deal with NBC, their production has remained simple. As stated on their website “we don’t actually own a camera, we just use our friends and co-workers.”

MANtage: “100% All American Man Beef”

This is a popular short called MANtage. It shows you what being an all-American man is all about, or at least what 99% of TV commercials want you to think.

[’Barats and Bereta’ Website]


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