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Mississippi Braves’ manager, Phillip Wellman, threw a major league hissy fit when he was expelled from his team’s game recently. The minor league boss employed some tried and true tantrum tactics, and a few unique moves of his own in this outburst.

Wellman covered the home plate with dirt and drew his own with his fingers, a move perfected by Lou Piniella and Art Howe. Like the masters of the meltdown before him, Wellman then uprooted several bases and tossed them into the outfield.

But Wellman’s fit really heated up when he decided to emulate a World War II soldier and crawl military-style along his belly before hurling the rosin bag, as if it were a grenade, at the stunned umpire.

The Braves’ manager then added new meaning to the term “stealing bases” before leaving the stadium.

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