I’m not a runner, in fact some days I can’t really be bothered to walk too far either. It’s not because I’m especially overweight or unfit, it’s just that I’m lazy. Which is probably why I like this video so much.

It shows a non-runner testing the Beach to Beacon 10k running course in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She doesn’t run it of course, that would be too much like hard work. Instead, she hops in her car and drives most of the way, getting out occasionally to pretend she’s running.

If you fancy actually running in this 10k race, then you’d better head to the Beach to Beacon Web site immediately. Registration has now opened, and the 6,000 limit is expected to be filled within 24 hours.

The actual race takes place on August 1, 2009 at 8:00am. The race is open to men, women, and wheelchair users, all of which get cash prizes for doing well in their category. If it was open to drivers, then maybe I’d register. As it is, I’ll leave it to people with more energy than me.

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