Beatbox Mix Video | The Fame Game Kitchen Diaries

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I have a love hate releationship with beatboxing, as when it’s down well it’s absolutely incredible to watch. The problem is most people make attempts at doing it really badly and end up looking like complete prats.

Luckily this guy is one of the talented folks who can display the skill of making music with your mouth succesfully.

In this video clip, he makes a kind of beatbox souffle or cake by mixing up a lot of different ingredients, to mae what he calls the “Electro funk daddy superstar break“.

He then proceeds to show us all the ingredients, from white noise to snare drums, and starts to mix them all together in one big bad mixing bowl.

As to why he’s wearing a wig, well either it’s to impersonate a female chef such as Delia Smith, or just because he enjoys cross dressing, each to their own.

And then just bake for 3 years and there you have it, sorted. Now kids, I want you to try it at home, just don’t post your amateur efforts on video sharing sites such as YouTube and dailymotion ok!

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