The Barbie Doll has been a staple part of most girls (and some boys) upbringing for decades. But could the new Black Canary Barbie be a bit slutty for the age range?

This new Barbie has been nicknamed the S&M Barbie due to her leather gear and fishnet stockings. And as this video shows, some mothers aren’t too happy with the idea of this new grown-up Barbie.

This is one giant storm in teacup because it’s not like this Black Canary Barbie is being marketed at little girls. It’s actually part of the DC Comics range and is meant for adult or more mature collectors.

Kids do have a tendency to grow up too quickly these days but I can’t really see a young girl donning a leather catsuit on order to try and be like Barbie.

I suppose not being a parent has something to do with my complete lack of outrage over things like this. I’m guessing if I had a daughter I may feel differently.

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