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Blink 182 split up in 2005 after tensions arose between the three band members. Tom wanted to spend time with his family, and Tom and Travis started working on a side project without Mark called Box Car Racer.

Four years later, and Blink 182 are back together again. They chose the Grammy Awards 2009 to announce their comeback, although it had been rumored for a while. They kid of took the spotlight off Coldplay’s win a little.

I’m really pleased to see Blink 182 back together because I love their blend of heavy rock and punk mixed with soulful lyrics. Guitars, thumping drums AND words to sing along to – what more could you possibly want?

The road to a reunion began when Travis Barker nearly lost his life in a plane crash in 2008. It just goes to show that out of tragedy can come triumph. Now I need to listen to the group’s back catalogue to get back in the swing of things.

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