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Advertising companies are getting more creative these days, or at least lazier to say the least.

Take BlinkBox for example; a site in which a user is expected to not only generate the actual advertisement, but market it to their friends as well.

So why would the average Joe want to do such a thing? Well, because it’s actually kind of fun.

It works like this: Choose from a wide selection of TV and Movie clips and insert any message you want before it plays. You can also edit the length of the clip to your needs. Essentially, you can turn any scene from a movie into an inside joke.

The messages can then be shared via email, blogs, or on mobile devices. After they are viewed, buttons appear that provide you links of where to download, buy, or rent the TV series or Movie in which the original clip was found.



Here’s a list of studios that they offer content by. Chances are, they have any big-name movie you’re looking for.

  • Black Diamond
  • Paramount
  • Raindance TV
  • Universal
  • Warner Bros

[BlinkBox Website]

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