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BNQT also known as the Banquet Action Sports Digital Network, will keep action sport fans entertained with their countless hours of extreme sports footage. This site has it all from BMXers to some insane ski tricks.

If you just feel like kicking back and watching some pros so their thing, then be sure check out the many shows on BNQT. Hell, if you’re good enough you could even be in one of those shows.

Web Series

Here’s the current lineup of frequently updated shows. The newest one being ‘The Wake Show.’

  • Real Life
  • Danzed in DC
  • Poor Boys Mix Tape
  • Free Delivery
  • The Wake Show

Where Is Everybody?

Even though BNQT is full of original footage from both novices (anyone can upload their videos) and professionals, I noticed that it lacked a key element that other sites like ShredOrDie had: an active community.

If you’re looking for some interaction or for some advice with your tricks, you might want to stay away from BNQT. However, if you just like to drool at other people that skate, surf, or ski, then look no further.

The Wake Show: Episode 2

This is the latest episode of ‘The Wake Show’ where viewers are given an insight to the lives of professional wakeboarders.

[BNQT Website]

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