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Bounty Hunter Duane ‘The Dog’ Chapman Responds To Accusations Of Racism

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Bounty Hunter Duane ‘The Dog’ Chapman Responds To Accusations Of Racism

You’ll have all heard and read by now about Dog the Bounty Hunter (real name Duane Chapman) having his show cancelled after a private phone call where he spouted racist slurs including ‘the N word’ became very public.

I’m choosing not to use the word here because despite being bandied about quite liberally these days, it is still an offensive term, and shouldn’t ever be used in my opinion.

This video shows Duane on Fox News being interviewed for the first time about the whole sorry case, and having to sit and listen to not only the phone call he made, but also the girl who he was referring to, giving an interview herself.

Tucker Chapman, Duane’s son sold the tape of the conversation to the National Enquirer and he also appears on the show trying to reconcile with his father.

Dog has apologised for what he said, but that doesn’t really cut it. If you use this kind of language, people are going to take a hell of a lot of convincing before they believe you aren’t actually racist.

Seeing him squirm and even cry didn’t make me feel sorry for him. If you do the crime, you have to do the time, isn’t that something Dog would say to all of the criminals he captures for money?

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  1. Alyssa Marotta

    November 12, 2007 at 10:12 am

    I think that this whole thing is insane!!!!! I feel so bad for dog!!! Why doesn’t the public take a good look at his show and notice all the black people he has helped! That is hardly something a racist would do..
    And further more, If we all asked ourselves honestly, and were not afraid of the word “racism” so much, all people of all races and all genders should admit at least to themselves that most people have at one point in their lives used the word “nigger,” “white trash,” “Honky,” “Chink,” the list goes on and on.. Its part of life.
    Racism has gotten way out of control in this country! Shows like “David Chappell” make fun of white people on a daily basis.. Why not give him the boot and we throw together a riot??
    Because “white people” do not use racism to our advantage!!!!
    I do not believe that there are hardly any people left in this country that are prejudice because of the color of a mans skin… Including the KKK.. Racism comes from disliking a way of someones life, or being picked on by someone of a certain race, it is inherited, and so on.. Some people are just too blind to see that “some people” does not mean “all people!”
    Some blacks have a way of life that some people do not like.. I do not like guns, I do not like gangs, violence, or drugs, But I am not prejudice!!!! And neither is dog!!!!!
    We understand that this is a way of life that is learned through improper upbringing, poor surroundings, and not knowing a better way of life. But we do not have to like it.
    Granted there are a few jerks out there that think white is better, but there are also a few jerks out there that think black is better!
    If you ask me, Dog just knows the difference between a nigger and a negro.. And now a days I believe the word “Nigger” is used to describe the lesser valued black man.. The same as “white trash”..
    I could write a book on this topic.. I would call it “black excuses.” I am so tired of the word racism being used to their advantage..
    There have been many times through out my life that I have felt threatened by black society just for being on their territory, I have been rudely bumped into, stared down, its gotten to the point where they do it just because they can! And I am not talking about a black church, or a black citizens club.. We all know what I’m talking about! But my point is that when these things happen, we do not form riots, and scream racism because of pure stupidity!!!!
    Slavery is over!!!!!! Move on!!!!!!!!! one mans opinion or word is freedom of speech!!! Racism is driving me crazy!!!
    Dog… my heart goes out to you and your family.. Except for your son.. I would not forgive him! He’ll regret what he did when that girl leaves him after the fame and money is gone!!!!
    And then he will be begging for forgiveness, and undoubtingly he will be using the “N” word! Make sure you have your recorder!!

  2. kbab

    November 16, 2007 at 7:50 pm

    Its bad enough if he looses his show let alone monique suing him for the character thing. If you want to check her character out just go to google and type in”the real story of monique qnd tucker and their attack on dog. You will find a nice little piece there about how she was booted out of a nite club for trying to buy drinks for underage kis. Sure wouldn’t want her taeching my kids go on check it out and there are ways that you can help to see that the media hears about it. For some reason they are keeping mum but this was told by a detective who caught her and tucker she was drunk and screaming you’re only doing this because Im black.

  3. kbab

    November 16, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    So monique is suing dog….If you want to know about her character just go to google and type the words “the real story of monique and tucker and their attack on dog” Seems she and tucker were caught trying to buy drinks for underage kids and when the detective booted them she was drunk and crying you are only doing this because I am black!!!!! Please visit the page and find out what you can do so that the media publishes this.

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