Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Comedy TV & Video, Cool Tricks & Pranks and Video On Demand by Iman Peera on November 7, 2008

It seems like every year around this time a Halloween prank video surfaces. This latest one involves a dummy, two hidden cameras, and a wireless microphone.

The reaction from people handing out candy is hilarious to say the least.

If there’s anything that this video proves, it’s that kids aren’t the only ones who can be freaked out on Halloween. The reaction from most starts out casual and then usually turns to uneasy laughter. The lady at 0:52 is so scared she resorts to throwing the candy at it!

But the real brilliance of this prank kicks in when the dummy is left in the exact same spot the second time the victim opens the door. When more candy doesn’t work, some even threaten to use a fireplace poker.

But as with most pranks, when the victims finally realize the kid is a dummy they take it well. As the lady at the end states, “That’s awesome, I’ve been punk’d!

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