Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News, TV Advert Videos and Video On Demand by Lauren Katulka on June 22, 2009

Local advertising is often unintentionally hilarious, marked by small budgets and the bad acting of store owners. This commercial for Bobby Denning Furniture in North Carolina is up there with the best of them, or the worst of them depending on your point of view.

The Denning brothers like a good analogy whether it’s comparing high prices to fruit, pumpkins, boxes, or computers. No matter what they’re using, the end result is the same: they’re going to destroy them. It gives the boys a great excuse to break out the chainsaws and baseball bats.

I also love the testimonies, given of course by the Denning brothers family. If you can’t trust family, who can you trust?

Bobby Denning Furniture is a store that sells much more than tables and chairs; you’ll also find scooters and action figurines! It’s all housed in a massive warehouse. The boys own it all, except for the space taken up by the Chinese take-away and coin-operated laundry.

It’s the little details like this that makes this ad one of the best I’ve seen.

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