This is Brock’s Dub of My Moment by Rebecca Black. To say it’s an improvement on the original is an understatement. At least he can sing.

Brock has already killed Rebecca Black off once, with her car from the Friday video plunging headfirst over the edge of a cliff. Unfortunately, unfathomably, she survived. No doubt pulled from the wreckage by someone who saw an opportunity to make some money.

So she returned with My Moment, her first ‘proper’ song which still contains so much autotune that you can barely hear her real voice. So Brock has made another attempt on her life.

Surely Black cannot survive her limousine blowing up. Can she? God I hope not, or she’ll be back with more caterwauling at a later date. When is the world going to realize she has no discernible talent other than owning an annoying face?

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