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Bruce Lee Playing Nunchuck Ping Pong Video

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Bruce Lee Playing Nunchuck Ping Pong Video

Bruce Lee was one of the finest martial artists ever to come out of Hong Kong, and by far the best martial arts movie star ever to grace the big screen.

One of his weapons of choice was nunchucks, basically two sticks connected by a chain that, when used correctly, could deal out serious damage to multiple opponents.

This video purports to show Bruce Lee playing ping pong or table tennis using nunchucks, and while it’s impressive to watch, it’s clearly a fake. Anyone who believes otherwise needs to get out more.

It is in fact an advert for the Nokia N96 mobile phone, the same phone that apparently filmed this event taking place, even though Bruce Lee died 35 years ago.

So it’s CGI, but it’s very nicely done. Who knows, maybe there’s a martial artist skilled enough to actually play ping pong using nunchucks out there somewhere?

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