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News Online Independent College Network | Web Series Updated Every Weekday


C3, which stands for College Creativity, Collaborative, is an independent college network that aims to bring together those in the film, music, and photography industries.

Aside from having it’s own radio network, it also has 5 web series which are updated Monday through Friday.

Web Series

The following is a list of C3’s web series in order according to the day they are updated.

  • Monday: TMRS
  • Tuesday: My Freshman Year
  • Wednesday: Submissions
  • Thursday: Behind The Seams
  • Friday: Music Revue

While anyone can view the WebTV channel to see the shows, you must register with your college email in order to download the videos or to share your own. This is to encourage those to participate in the “community” aspect of the site which is more like a social network similar to MySpace.

My Freshman Year


One specific web series that all college goers can relate to is My Freshman Year which chronicles one student’s freshman year at NYU. The episodes capture everything from the summer before to the finals at the end.

[C3tv Website]

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