Posted in: Action Videos, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News, Video On Demand and Violent Videos by Dave Parrack on June 19, 2010

We’ve all seen bad driving on the roads – it’s rife in every country – with speeding, a lack of signaling, and well, crashes galore.

This video is a compilation of crashes from on and around a Chinese university campus. The students don’t seem able to drive, with a stupidly high number of accidents occurring.

My favorite appears exactly at the two minutes point, where a car driver just runs a pedestrian over. OK, so he shouldn’t have been standing in the middle of the road in the first place but that’s still no reason to just keep driving.

Is it me or does there seem to be no traffic lights or road signs in China? I can’t help thinking that they would be a good start to improving road safety. Then again, we wouldn’t then be able to watch entertaining videos such as this one.

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