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Mindbites LogoMindbites, a new instructional video marketplace, officially launched at the end of last week, after securing about $1 million in investment funding.

We’ve seen plenty of instructional video sites start up over the past year or two, with Howcast, Expert Village and 5Min probably the best known.

Mindbites differs from all of these in one way though, in that it charges for the video lessons, with costs ranging between $1.69 and $1.99.

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CelebKings LogoEveryone seems obsessed with seeing celebrities in the nude now, from amateur home tapes which exchange hands for a fortune to fake mocked up videos supposedly starring your favorite celebrity but actually showing some random porn star cavorting around on a bed.

CelebKings is a celebrity porn site that is a bit different as it brings together the biggest collection of R Rated celebrity moments ever captured on film. There’s no faked shots here, just your favorite stars showing a bit too much leg.

When you accept the adult terms, you arrive at the portal page where you can start searching for your Nude Celebrity of choice. As well as a search box there are a number of different menus from Celebrity A-Z to Movies A-Z.

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Stage6 Beta

It’s Stage6 Day here on Web TV Wire and Web TV Hub (23/04/07). Learn more…

The beta launch of Stage6 has seen a host of new features that has turned Stage6 alpha from just another one of those video sites into something really unique and compelling.

The first thing you will notice when you go onto the new Stage6 site and watch a video is the quality. Everything feels widescreen and well designed and you are free from blurry pixilated videos. Stage6 supports video quality up to 1080p HD.

But it doesn’t just stop at higher quality videos, Stage 6 alpha had that already. Stage6 beta is trying to make its mark as the ultimate portal for independent video producers and video enthusiasts to distribute their videos, network and share ideas.

Stage6 Screenshot
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