Posted in: Celebrity and TV, News, Video On Demand and Video Site Reviews by Dave Parrack on October 6, 2007

CelebKings LogoEveryone seems obsessed with seeing celebrities in the nude now, from amateur home tapes which exchange hands for a fortune to fake mocked up videos supposedly starring your favorite celebrity but actually showing some random porn star cavorting around on a bed.

CelebKings is a celebrity porn site that is a bit different as it brings together the biggest collection of R Rated celebrity moments ever captured on film. There’s no faked shots here, just your favorite stars showing a bit too much leg.

When you accept the adult terms, you arrive at the portal page where you can start searching for your Nude Celebrity of choice. As well as a search box there are a number of different menus from Celebrity A-Z to Movies A-Z.

The site cleverly lets you look around the whole site right up until the point you click to watch the video clips. Then you are prompted to join the site for approximately $25 a month.

Assuming you are a member you can then choose to play your chosen video (of which there are over 7000 and rising) in 4 different formats which should cover most people’s needs. Windows Media Player was my choice of weapon.

It’s a great website that you could spend hours on if you are that way inclined. Even if you are not a big fan of porn, who can turn down the chance to see some famous people naked? Not me, that’s for sure.

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