Catholic Priest Ownes Fox News Video | Father Mike Pfleger Defends Jeremiah Wright

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Remember all the fuss about Jeremiah Wright? He was dubbed as Obama’s “radical” preacher by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. Well, apparently there are a few people who don’t think that Wright is anti-American; one of them being Father Mike Pfleger who slams Fox news for calling him a bigot.

“It’d be pretty hard for him to be a bigot if I’m white and I’m a close friend of him.”

No matter your view on this issue, you have to admit that Pfleger keeps his cool (until the end) while the Fox News reporter struggles to get a rise out of him. As for myself, I’m not Catholic but I’d gladly sit through one of his sermons if it was anything like this.

The above video is the raw footage of the interview, but trust Fox news to edit it to death and slap some O’Reillyish comments on it. You can find what was aired on TV below.

The O’Reilly Clip

It amazes me how the TV segment differs so much from the actual interview. After every clip, O’Reilly has to butt in with his personal opinion. Pay attention to the end where the heading is “DEFENDING HATE.” Incredible, Fox has sunk to a new low.

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