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Ceno Sends Viewers On An Emotional Roller Coaster In New Music Video “Doubt U”

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Ceno Sends Viewers On An Emotional Roller Coaster In New Music Video “Doubt U”

“Doubt U” is full of racing emotion. This visual is extremely relatable and will force sympathy and compassion in relationships.

CENO, music artist from 700 Family, released an unorthodox,

creative visual for the hit single “Doubt U”.

click here to watch video

This music video mirrors the real life experiences of many in

relationships. Displaying undeniable love and how painful,

and unsettling that love can be. CENO illustrates authenticity lyrically and the visual

captures your heart with an unforeseen conclusion.

700 Family pairing with New Birth Entertainment conceived of a plot that represents

the street culture, the urge to be successful, the pitfalls that can occur and how

loved ones can be effected by the choices we partake in. The Girlfriend played by

MEEKAL AVANTI, The Boyfriend played by CENO, and The Homie played by

Anthony CWIK Thomas displayed a striking performance to

highlight the emotion of the song. This video “Doubt U” is a clear representation

of love and the hurdles some face in relationships.

click here to watch video

In the saturated industry of music, it is a daunting task to stand out to be heard and seen.

Especially within the hip hop genre, as it is amongst the most popular genres of music

in the United States. A hit song is hard to come by without a good rapper with meaningful lyrics,

a good producer with great compositions, and a visual that will touch the viewer.

“Doubt U” is a trifecta.

“The emotion of this song is real. The

words and visuals tells a story a lot of

people can relate to because at some

point in life we all loved someone,” said

CENO. He then went on to say “Love

can be a beautiful thing however, that

love leaves us vulnerable to heart ache.”

“The song is fire!!! So we had to create

the visual to add to the emotion that

the song brings,” said Reginald

Robinson CEO AT New Birth

Entertainment. “I’m proud of what we

created and I’m positive the fans will

love it as well”

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