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Web TV hub brings you the latest, breaking news and video from around the entertainment world. We strive to provide our readers with breaking:

  • Celebrity gossip from television stars to the drama-filled world of Hollywood, we dig deep into the lives of the ultra-rich and famous celebrities to provide you with the latest scoop.
  • Web video that’s filled with humors, insight and even news events from across the web.

We even touch on some topics that you won’t see anywhere else, such as what will P. Diddy do with all that money?

The world of celebrities is fun and entertaining, and we do our best to keep in-the-know before everyone else does.

Who We Are

We’re a team of journalists and enthusiasts that follow every trend and lead in the world of entertainment. You can call us mega fans that like to stay in the entertainment loop trying to find out the latest news before the rest of the world.

And now we’ve transitioned into a leading source of entertainment news.

How We Do It

Our team of dedicated journalists and researchers gather sources from:

  • Press releases
  • Tips
  • Our network

We have a large network of insiders that break the news to us so that we can share it with you, our readers. We also take tips from our readers, but don’t worry, we’ll never divulge our sources unless asked to do so.

Then our team has the pleasure of researching every lead, verifying the information and going into the video or writing process with a purpose.

We know all the facts before we publish – or a least try to – so that every tidbit of information is hot off of the press and highly accurate.

We never want to lead our readers astray.

Hard work, dedication and passion are then mixed into the equation to make every piece it’s best.

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