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Chanelle Hayes Big Brother Video Clip | Breaks Up With Ziggy & Argues With Charley

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Chanelle Hayes Big Brother Video Clip | Breaks Up With Ziggy & Argues With Charley

Chanelle came, then went, then came back again, and now has finally gone. Earlier today, Chanelle finally decided she’d had enough and left the Big Brother house.

The video clip above shows one of her many break ups with fellow housemate Ziggy. It was this tumultuous relationship which finally made Chanelle leave the house via the back door.

At times they seemed to make a great couple, and then at others, the least compatible pairing I’ve ever seen. It was on, off, then on again before Ziggy finally decided Chanelle wasn’t the one for him.

The problem is, Chanelle’s time in the house will be mainly remembered for the failed relationship, with only her constant arguments with Charley providing some light relief.

One of the arguments between the pair actually provided Chanelle’s best moment, at least in my Charley hating eyes.

Wasn’t she great? She stood up to the hateful Charley superbly and held her own against the self proclaimed ‘South London IT Girl’.

So in the last week, we’ve lost possibly the 2 biggest characters from the house. The way seems clear now for Brian to come to the fore and win!

Go Brian, Go Brian, Go Brian!

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1 Comment

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