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Channel 101: A Film Festival For Web Series | Viewers Vote On 5 Shorts Monthly


Channel 101: A Film Festival For Web Series | Viewers Vote On 5 Shorts Monthly


You may have heard of the show Acceptable TV with Jack Black, but did you know the creators Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab were also behind a monthly short film festival called Channel 101?

Unlike most festivals or even TV, Channel 101 lets the viewers decide which series should be continued for another month. Even though the free festival is based in LA, you can still catch all the series online.

Channel 101’s live screenings aren’t similar indie film festivals like Sundance; the creators like to refer to it as an “untelevised TV network.” Each month, approximately 10 shows are submitted for screening and whichever make the cut are “prime time shows.”

Channel 101 is all about embracing aspiring film makers. Shorts are limited to 5 minutes in length and filmmakers can submit any number of pilots. Even the failed pilots are available for free viewing and download on the site.

Notable Actors

Even though the directors and producers for the shows may have a small budget, that doesn’t mean that a few big names won’t pop up once in a while. Here are some instantly recognizable faces:

  • Jack Black
  • Drew Carey
  • Flavor Flav
  • Jason Lee
  • Sarah Silverman
  • Jimmy Kimmel

‘Stop It’ Episode 4

This is an episode from one of the current “prime time” shows on Channel 101 called ‘Stop It.’ The series is a mockumentary reality show about people battling absurd addictions. In this episode Bill is addicted to “America’s Next Top Model.”

[Channel 101 Website]

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