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Charley Kazim Uchea BB8 2007 Video Clip | Charley Argues While Dressed As A Clown

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Charley Kazim Uchea BB8 2007 Video Clip | Charley Argues While Dressed As A Clown

The bitch is dead!!! Well not quite, but Charley was finally evicted from the Big Brother house last Friday, and this time for real.

Love her or hate her, and if it’s the former, then I suggest you check yourself in for a lobotomy, she was pure entertainment.

She’ll be remembered most for her arguments, which were many, and with almost everyone in the house.

This is one of my favourites, as not only is it with Brian, who up to this point had been her friend, she’s dressed as a clown! What more do you want?

It’s a stupid argument, as most of hers were, about petty things. This one started because Brian had his own opinion on evicted housemate Emily, and in Charley’s world, you’re not allowed an opinion.

She made Brian cry, and even if the great British public could forgive her everything else, that was just one act of cruelty too far.

She never learned, even after being fake evicted, that she was hated outside. She just seems oblivious to anyone else’s take on a subject, and will rant against you until the cows come home.

Cows coming home? Yep, she has done, and I’m sure her family and friends are so glad to see her again… hmmm, well kind of.

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