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China’s Fly Slayer Video | Mr Hu is a One Man Swat Team

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China’s Fly Slayer Video | Mr Hu is a One Man Swat Team

Like any kung fu master, Mr. Hu uses his lightning fast reflexes to bring about the fall of his enemies. Yet, unlike his martial arts peers, Mr. Hu’s nemeses are not of the human variety. Mr. Hu saves his wrath for the wretched housefly.

Mr. Hu’s a big hit down at the local meat market, where he literally plucks flies from the air. Grabbing one fly is skillful but grabbing five, as Mr. Hu does, is a miracle.

Not content with killing flies in his bare hands, this eccentric local hero harnessed his housefly hatred to create a bigger, better, fly killer. His “Highly Effective Fly Slaying Machine” has become popular throughout Asia, turning the passionate Mr. Hu into a millionaire.

Disturbingly, Mr. Hu keeps a sack filled with his six-legged victims. Perhaps this unusual cemetery warns other flies not to mess with Mr. Hu.

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