Seeing world records broken is very cool. Seeing someone with sick martial arts skills is very cool. And seeing a hot girl doing the world record-breaking kicking is even cooler. It’s certainly made my day.

The hot girl in question is Chloe Bruce, who appears in this Fight Tube video managing 210 kicks in a minute. Bruce is regarded as the number one women’s competitor in martial arts today and this shows off her skills.

As impressive as the actual world record, which must have taken stamina the likes of which I could never possess, is Bruce’s behind. It’s so well-toned and on-display that I couldn’t help but draw attention to it.

This girl has pretty much got it all – a fine body, martial arts skills, and a world record. But I’m not sure I’d like to meet her down a dark alleyway as I’m unsure whether I’d emerge unscathed. She could have me in more ways than one.

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