Christian Bale Venting On Set Of Terminator Salvation (Video) | Shane Hurlbut Is Victim

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You may remember last year, just before the London premiere of The Dark Knight, Christian Bale was accused of having a row with his mother and sister at a hotel. Assault was mentioned, and Bale was arrested and questioned by police before being released.

It seems that two days before that happened, Bale had already shown how his bad temper can get the better of him. As the audio on this video shows, interrupt a scene which Bale is filming at your peril – it could lead to a three-minute, expletive-laden tirade heading your way.

The incident happened on the set of Terminator Salvation, the fourth Terminator movie, which is being released in June. Apparently, director of photography Shane Hurlbut walked in the back of shot during an intense scene, and Bale was left a little unhappy about it.

Bale launches one of the most vitriolic and unnecessary verbal attacks I have ever heard. He drops the f-word 35 times and carries on even after Hurlbut has apologized and tried to move on. What an absolute douchebag!


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