Posted in: News, Politics and Video Blogs by Chris Tew on April 6, 2007

I was just browsing through YouTube and came across CitizenTube – YouTube’s political blog. The vlog is produced and edited by Steve Grove, the news and political editor of YouTube. The vlog focuses on world-wide politics and how it relates to YouTube.

YouTube is often in the news whether it be for showing the beheading of a mexican or a YouTube Holy War. But rather than focusing on these sorts of incidents, which YouTube may find a bit embaressing, CitizenTube is looking at areas of political debate taking place on YouTube.

I like how CitizenTube can be used to address the relationship between YouTube and political concerns. After all YouTube is one of the single largest medium’s on the planet and it has to make tough decisions about how the medium should be used.

To give you a taste here is an episode form CitizenTube:

CitizenTube Vlog

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