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Hostess Brands has gone out of business, with most of its 18,500 employees having been immediately dismissed. This classic TV ad recalls a time when the company was doing much better. Ah, the glorious 1970s.

Hostess makes, or at least made, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Wonder Bread, amongst others. Some of the products may live on, but they’ll no longer be made by the company that was founded in 1930.

This closure occurred after the bakers went on strike under guidance from the bakers’ union. Around 5,000 of Hostess’ employees were in the union, but as a result of their actions 18,000 have lost their jobs.

It’s a sad day when a business with such a long tradition and good standing goes to the wall, but Hostess has been in trouble for several years. So it was bound to happen eventually.

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