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Classic Jeopardy Blooper Video| “What’s a ho?”

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Classic Jeopardy Blooper Video| “What’s a ho?”

This is a classic piece of television, and a classic Jeopardy blooper which I couldn’t resist sharing with you all.

The stupid thing is when I read the answer at the beginning, a ho/hoe is immediately what springs to my mind too, so I think I’d have said the exact same thing the contestant did.

I would never have immediately thought “Long handled gardening tool, also an immoral pleasure seeker” = “What’s a rake?“. No, ho makes much more sense to me, although I doubt they get much pleasure from what they do.

I want to publically say here and now that Ken, the contestant who guesses wrongly doesn’t deserve all the ribbing and piss taking he probably endured in the days and months after making this faux pas.

He sure as hell doesn’t deserve his little mistake posted on YouTube, and then for WebTVHub to repost it, and further embarrass him in front of millions of readers.

Ah hang on, oops, too late!

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