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Clever Animation Video | Animated Stick Man Fights his Inventor

Animated Video

Clever Animation Video | Animated Stick Man Fights his Inventor

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new superhero. Of course, like most heroes, he possesses powers that ordinary men do not. He can breathe fire, single-handedly beat up desktop icons, avoid speeding bullets and can smash menu panes. His name? “The Chosen One.”

The video has all the elements of a hit movie. The story is typical of your average comic book hero: a conflicted protagonist, seeking to escape the confines of his software. He rages against his nemesis, who also happens to be his creator. How is that for drama?

He manages to break out of his “cage” and makes his way on to the desktop and turns it into his personal battleground, using many icons as weapons. The humor is both subtle, and corny. FireFox is frozen and the computer uses a “firewall” to protect itself.

But alas, our poor, misunderstood superhero has a fatal flaw: he does not know his limits, is thus defeated and forcibly tamed. Maybe he’ll do better next time, and take over the World Wide Web.

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