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It’s the company that starts with all the C’s, and the one who’s product has a place on nearly every table and fridge in the world. Yes, Coca-Cola Company is a world wide brand, one that’s larger than most consumers would ever imagine.

Invented in 1886 by a pharmacist from Atlanta, John Pemberton (and yes, he did put actual cocaine in that original recipe), Coca-Cola was a hit from the very first, selling 9 glasses a day in it’s first year — not bad at all for a start up business!

Today, it’s the most valuable brand in the entire world, worth nearly $72 billion dollars. That’s more than Pepsi, Budweiser, Red Bull, and Starbucks combined!

Its huge popularity is a result of many factors, including expansion of its product line (Coke produces over 3,500 different types of beverages), as well as excellent — and expensive — advertising. Coke’s customer appeal is such that it claims the most popular product fan page on Facebook.

The Carbonated Empire

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