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Is it just me, or is every Hollywood veteran starting an online video network? This time former UPN President Dean Valentine has created Yet another video site that combines user-generated content with professionally produced web shorts.

The site has been in operation for a few months, but hasn’t really made any waves. Does the web really need another FunnyOrDie clone? sets itself apart from other comedy video sites by having the “largest online joke database” and an insult ticker (which provides some very unoriginal jokes). Another feature is theLOL feature which is like Digging an article on

Web Series

Here is a list of original web series at

  • Hot Girl
  • Loopy
  • NNN News
  • Hollywoody Show
  • Pervert Clown

The HollyWoody Show: Nerd Alert (Episode 24)

This is the 24th episode of the Hollywoody show in which, “Three-time Emmy Award seat filler” Woody Wittma, grills video game geeks at this years Spike Video Game Awards show. The funniest part has to be when he asks, “do you really get laid or is it a virtual lay?”


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