Posted in: Educational, Health Videos & TV, News and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on August 30, 2007

After posting and talking about the gross Impetigo video, I went looking for more skin allergy/disease videos to gross me and everyone else reading this out.

There’s a weird part of my brain which enjoys looking at videos of strange and unusual skin conditions, at least online, while I’m ensconced safely behind my PC screen and keyboard.

I watched this video and felt really sorry for some of the people in it. Not because they’ve got some horrible skin disease, but because their case has been highlighted with some cheesy piano music playing underneath.

I mean, have these people not suffered enough already? Give them some decent tunes to be ill to, like a bit of David Bowie or Green Day or something.

I jest, I jest. But I hope I haven’t put you off your lunch watching this video, it’s not nice, but like all the hidden camera shows around, there’s something morbidly interesting about watching other people’s minor sufferings.

– does not ignore the importance of body skin care and deems it equally significant as taking care of ones face.
– The best care is the natural skin care which is is all about.

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