Computer Game Cyber Sex Vid | First Person To Ever Fall Foul To The Fake Gender Trick

36 sec read

Cyber sex is the act of having a sexual encounter over the Internet, and is a step up from phone sex. It’s also more retarded than phone sex because you can at least hear your partner in the latter. In the former, it’s just words on a screen. Ooh, sexy!

This video tells the history of cybering in computer and video games, recounting the story of the first ever cyber sex incident. We see a guy called Eino playing a MUD called Zork, who gets more than he bargains for.

Because of its nature, cyber sex is packed with dangers, the most obvious of which is that you never actually know who you’re interacting with. Oh sure, they can tell you they’re a beautiful blond-haired girl with great breasts, but that doesn’t mean they are.

In actual fact, they are much more likely to be a hairy-arsed biker with tattoos on their forehead. Which wouldn’t be my first choice of who to have carnal relations with, virtual or otherwise.

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