Some things are so much cooler than I can describe with words. And so I should really say no more on this one, letting the video do the talking. But I don’t think my boss would be very happy if I did that.

All I know is that I want one of these clocks!!!

Then again, maybe this video does need explaining. What it is is the coolest clock ever made. There’s no argument to be had there, it’s cold, hard fact.

What it isn’t is a guy standing in a cupboard manually wiping the second hand away and replacing it with a new one every single minute of the day. But that is what it’s meant to look like.

Instead, the clock is comprised on a TV screen placed inside the cupboard and a video on a loop showing a guy doing just that. When 12 hours is up the video loops back and starts again.

What this does mean is that some poor guy had to be filmed actually doing this for 24 hours, which is mad. Could that be the worst job in the world?

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