Crazy Bird Mating Dance Video | Birds of Paradise on the Planet Earth TV Series

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Caught on tape doesn’t even began to describe what efforts and trials this videographer went through to catch this male Bird of Paradise, a rare bird found only in tropical forests, doing his fancy mating dance for a very picky female Bird of Paradise.

This videographer for Discovery’s Planet Earth series squatted in the bushes for 8 weeks, camouflaged and trying not to move or make a noise, waiting for a female to even come around so that he could catch the male in the act of this strange mating dance!

That is some major patience, but well worth the wait to catch something so rarely seen, right here from our incredible planet, for all us bums at home to watch as we sit here on the couch or our cushy office chairs.

Believe it or not, that male Bird of Paradise was making those strange clucking sounds. The flamboyant show is required to attract the ever-so-picky female, who must be beyond impressed to stick around. Sadly, this little guy failed to impress this finicky lady in the end.

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