Crazy Denmark Pool Jumping Video | Ollerup Sports Academy

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Whether you choose to belly flop, cannon ball, or dive in, and maybe even an occasionally back flop, there are many ways to showoff as one enters the water.

This clip showcases some incredibly high, dangerous, and even a little dumb, entries into the water. From high dives to trampolines, these dare devils aren’t leaving any opportunity behind.

I’m impressed with the divers that are so precise as to dive right into the middle of a pile of inner-tubes. I know I couldn’t even jump right into the middle of floating tubes, much less dive.

Hell, I don’t think I could make a simple dive into the water unless I stood at the end of the board and put my head toward the water and just let it lead me there.

Impressive dives and painful flops, this video doesn’t leave a trick out.


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