Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Interesting People, News and Video On Demand by Julie Popp on December 14, 2007

Now, not only is this guy freaking himself out and all the passengers on the plane, but he is freaking me out too! This is a flight from Toronto to London, and that is one hell of a long flight, and this guy doesn’t look like he’s going to give up the yelling anytime soon.

After a moment I realized that those weren’t two very unlucky passengers restraining him, but were likely the undercover air marshalls that are on every plane these days. Good thing as I was wondering why the flight attendants were leaving them to fend to this crazy guy themselves.

It is a long flight and those poor people on the plane have to tolerate this nut the whole way? They got the right idea with the hand restraints, but want about covering up that obnoxious mouth of his.

His scary strength is alarming too, and after the many scares on planes lately, I don’t know how the other passengers are staying so calm. Perhaps he should think twice before getting on a plane next time, or perhaps strap him up with a parachute (or straight jacket) if he really wants off the plane that badly.

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