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Crazy Guy on American Inventor Clip

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Crazy Guy on American Inventor Clip

Reality tv is full of loony people, but so many of them are merely performing for the camera. However, this guy is absolutely 100% serious about his complete disconnect with reality.

I have been trying to imagine a better profession for him than inventing, and I think that the only field suitable for his energy and bravado is motivational speaking. Unfortunately, he may be too narcissistic even for that.

Watching American Inventor, its easy to see how some of these people who invest tens of thousands of dollars in a product lose their critical distance and become too emotionally invested in their idea.

However, when the idea is as retarded as a spinning bicycle hubcap and the “inventor” still can’t separate themselves from the “invention” they really have got to be utterly insane.

The best part of this abortion of an invention proposal is when he gets dragged off stage and searched for weapons. Definitely a fine moment.

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